Responsibly sourcing the commodities that advance everyday life

2020 Annual Report

We are one of the world’s largest natural resource companies. Our Purpose is to responsibly source the commodities that advance everyday life. We do so through our strategy of sustainably growing total shareholder returns while maintaining a strong investment grade rating and acting as a responsible operator.

Today, the business, with its portfolio of commodities and activities, is uniquely positioned for the expected resource needs of the future. We are ready to support the transition to a low-carbon economy and realise our ambition of achieving net-zero by 2050.

Ivan Glasenberg, CEO
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Our Financial Highlights

$11.6 bn

adjusted EBITDA

($1.9) bn

net (loss)/income attributable to equity holders

$8.6 bn

Cash generated by operating activities before working capital changes

$3.9 bn

Net purchase and sale of property, plant and equipment

Integrating sustainability throughout our business

15.0 mt

CO₂e Scope 1 (2019: 18.3 mt)

9.3 mt

CO₂e Scope 2 (2019: 11.0 mt)

271 mt

CO₂e Scope 3 (2019: 343 mt)

40 %

reduction in total emissions on 2019 levels by 2035

We believe that we have an important role to play in meeting the energy needs of a growing population and that by implementing our strategy, we will responsibly source the commodities that advance everyday life for the benefit of the world as a whole.

Tony Hayward, Chairman