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Glencore responds to inaccurate claims aired on Carte Blanche on 3 September

Glencore (“the company”) confirms that the Distressed Mining Community of Ogies (“DMCO”) brought about legal action in March 2017 against three mining companies including Glencore, operating in the Ogies area. The allegations made against Glencore, were in respect of Goedgevonden Mine (“GGV”), owned by African Rainbow Minerals and Glencore. The company is very concerned about the complaints raised and the discontent lodged by the DMCO and community members. We are committed to the progress of the Ogies community, and as such we have acknowledged receipt of the various complaints, and have made, and is making every effort to address them as applicable. As a responsible global operator, our approach to sustainability is underscored by our commitment to protect the wellbeing of our people, our host communities and to respect the natural environment.

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