We take a local approach to procurement. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please reach out to the Glencore asset or department that you would like to work with.

No. The Code of Conduct already includes requirements for our suppliers. The Supplier Standards formalise these requirements and provide further detail on our supply chain management practices. 

Yes. We recognise local or supplier circumstances may make it more difficult for some suppliers. In countries where local regulation is not as comprehensive as Glencore’s Supplier Standards, we expect our suppliers to meet the requirements of our Supplier Standards in addition to domestic legislation. When appropriate, Glencore will look to support suppliers to improve their compliance against the standards.

We undertake appropriate due diligence of our current and potential suppliers, following a risk-based approach.  Depending on the results of the risk assessment, suppliers may be required to complete a self-assessment against our Supplier Standards.

This assessment forms part of our commitment to responsible sourcing. At Glencore, we are committed to operating responsibly across our value chain, including in our supply chain. Greater regulation, growing pressure from our customers and higher expectations from the organisations we are members/signatories of are driving requirements for us to demonstrate clearly our commitment to human rights

The self-assessment is a multiple-choice questionnaire designed to enable suppliers to share general information regarding the policies and controls they have which are relevant to the Supplier Standards. There are free-text fields where suppliers can add additional details. We ask that our suppliers complete the self-assessment to the best of their ability and engage with their local Glencore contact for additional information if needed.

We may ask suppliers to complete the self-assessment during pre-qualification, the tendering process and/or at the renewal of an existing contract. 

The external references provided on our website will guide our suppliers on the steps they need to take to comply with the Supplier Standards. When appropriate, we will support our suppliers to strengthen their processes and improve their compliance with the expectations of the Supplier Standards.

Where the results of the self-assessment show there is a high-risk on non-compliance, we will agree a programme of corrective actions with the supplier. If a supplier refuses or fails to demonstrate reasonable and timely efforts to implement the corrective actions Glencore may suspend, discontinue or terminate the relationship.

We encourage all our suppliers to report any concern relating to a breach of Glencore’s Code of Conduct or Supplier Standards, to their local Glencore contact. Where a concern remains unresolved, or should a supplier feel uncomfortable speaking to their Glencore contact then concerns can be raised via Glencore’s 'Raising Concerns' web platform.

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