Our expectations

Our supply chains include multinational, regional, national and local suppliers. Our suppliers are critical partners to our commitment to deliver value and to operate in a manner that is responsible, transparent and respects the human rights of all.

We have set out our expectations for ethical business practices, safety and health, human rights and environment in our Supplier Standards, which apply to all of our suppliers and which we expect to incorporate into our supplier contracts.

We undertake due diligence of current and potential suppliers to understand their business practices using a risk based approach. If we identify unacceptable risks, we agree a set of corrective actions with the supplier. When appropriate, we seek to support our suppliers in capacity building and improving their adherence to the expectations of the Supplier Standards.

We are committed to operating in a transparent and ethical manner. If there appears to be a breach of Glencore’s Code of Conduct or Supplier Standards, employees, contractors and suppliers are encouraged to raise their concern with a supervisor or manager, or a local procurement contact. 

Where a concern remains unresolved through local channels, or should an employee, contractor, supplier or other stakeholder, for whatever reason and at any time, feel uncomfortable utilising the local channels to resolve their concerns, the concern can be raised via Glencore’s 'Raising Concerns' web platform.

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