We have a 49.9% stake in Glencore Agriculture – a global leader in the sourcing, handling, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities.

Glencore Agriculture:

  • Sources a diverse range of commodities – buying directly from producers and farming co-operatives where possible.
  • Handles and processes commodities with a focus on sustainability, safety, reliability and quality – relying on a network of assets such as storage facilities, crushing and processing plants and mills, and port terminals, processing plants and mills.
  • Markets commodities to customers around the world – including the processing industry (food, animal feed and consumer products), local importers, and government purchasing bodies.

With its strategic network of assets and infrastructure, and strong relationships along the supply chain, Glencore Agriculture is able to meet the needs of customers around the world.

Glencore Agriculture in figures - 2018


storage and handling facilities


processing and refining facilities


port terminals


employees and contractors around the world

Shareholder structure

In addition to Glencore, the company’s other shareholders are the:


Glencore Agriculture shares our Values and, as a result, our close attention to safety and quality.


Health and safety is a core priority for the company. Its SafeAgri programme - based on our own SafeWork initiative – aims to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries. 

Product quality

By managing the supply chain – and maintaining close relationships with growers – the company aims to ensure that all products are consistent, reliable and high quality. 

Food safety and quality management procedures help ensure products meet international standards. Find out more about product quality

Relationships with growers

Strong and positive relationships with growers are vital. Glencore Agriculture primarily buys from producers and farming cooperatives where possible; this allows it to engage with growers – and manage quality from the farm to the customer.

A diverse range of commodities

Glencore Agriculture's  products include grains, oilseed products, pulses, cotton and sugar.


The company is one of the largest suppliers of wheat in the world – supplying milling, durum, noodle and feed wheats.


Through Glencore Agriculture, customers have unrivalled direct access to barley supplies in all major export regions.


The company supplies GMO and non-GMO corn for starch, ethanol and feed products to customers worldwide. Within the EU and CIS, the company has established traceability protocols.


The company is a regular marketer of both red and white sorghum.

Vegetable oils

With crush plants in different parts of the world, the company supplies sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil for the food and biofuel industries. It also produces high-quality, specialty oils.


The company processes rape methyl ester and soya methyl ester mainly in Europe and Argentina for markets all over the world. The company also processes crude and refined glycerine.

Protein meals

Glencore Agriculture supplies protein meal direct from crush plants, via its own logistic network. It is one of the largest suppliers of soybean meal to customers in EU, Australia, New Zealand and south-east Asia.

The company is the world’s largest direct originator and handler of pulses – including dry field peas, chickpeas, lentils, edible beans and lupins. 

Glencore Agriculture is a leading marketer of sugar globally, with networks in the major exporting regions of Brazil and Thailand.

The company sources cotton from the major exporting countries – with origination offices in the US, Australia, Brazil, India and west Africa giving direct access to producers. 



Visit Glencore Agriculture's website to explore the business in more detail.