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Our network of marketing offices, sampling facilities on both coasts of the United States, copper, lead and nickel metallurgical operations in Canada, and broad customer base, make us one of the world’s leading copper and precious metals recycling companies. We receive a wide range of materials from over 30 countries. Approximately 15% of the raw material feed for our smelting operations in Canada is from recyclable materials.

Founded in 1927 and with a history of recycling dating back to the 1980s, the Horne smelter, located in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, is North America's largest processors of electronic scrap containing copper and precious metals. The smelter is a custom copper smelter which uses both copper concentrates and precious metal bearing recyclable materials as its feedstock to produce a 99.1% copper anode. The anode is shipped to the Canadian Copper Refinery (CCR) in Montreal to be converted into 99.99% copper cathodes which are sold on world markets. At CCR, gold and silver are refined into dore.

Ongoing capital investments have kept the facility at the cutting edge of technology, with a strong focus on emissions reduction. The Horne smelter has the capacity to process 840,000 tonnes per annum of copper and precious metal bearing materials.

One of the notable features of the Horne smelter is its ability to process a wide-range of feeds, including copper and precious metal bearing electronic materials.

More information on: www.fonderiehorne.ca

In operation since 1931, the CCR refinery is located in Montreal, Quebec, and processes high-grade copper scrap. Copper anodes are converted into 99.99% copper cathodes and sold on world markets. 

The plant is equipped to process anodes that are high in bismuth, antimony, lead and nickel. The refinery's precious metal slimes processing plant obtains feed from internally generated, as well as externally purchased, slimes. The CCR refinery's products include copper cathodes, gold, silver and other specialty metals and chemicals, including selenium, tellurium, copper sulphate, nickel sulphate and a concentrate of platinum group metals.

More information on: www.affinerieccr.ca

Our Rhode Island sampling facility is located in East Providence and is dedicated to the sampling and sample preparation of precious metal bearing materials, primarily generated by the electronics industry.

All of the materials received and sampled at Rhode Island are sent to the Horne Smelter for smelting.

Our San Jose sampling plant is located in California and is one of the largest processors of precious metal bearing electronic scrap on the West Coast of the United States. This site certifies the destruction of proprietary electronic materials for the reclamation and recovery of copper and precious metals.

This operation is a Hazardous Waste Treatment and Storage facility and is fully permitted to process recyclable materials containing manifested hazardous wastes under a permit from the state of California EPA.

Located in northern Chile, near the port of Antofagasta, Altonorte is a custom copper smelting operation, and established recycler of high-grade copper scrap. 

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