Glencore is one of the worlds largest globally diversified natural resource companies and one of its largest traders. We produce and market more than 60 commodities through about 150 assets and offices in over 35 countries, and are active at every stage of the commodity supply chain.

We prioritise empowering and employing local businesses in our communities. This, we have learnt, is one of the most important ways in which we can make meaningful and long-lasting change in areas that have historically been affected by inequality, poverty and unemployment. 

Providing suppliers with opportunities they need to succeed – as well as training, skills, equipment and resources as appropriate – not only affects the businesses themselves, but also a wider network of families, communities and other businesses.

Connect With Us

Suppliers who wish to work with us are invited to view the opportunities we have available through our Coal and Ferroalloys supplier portals. Simply register your business and follow the prompts. When choosing a supplier, we focus primarily on local, black-owned, black women-owned and black youth-owned businesses, and we do everything we can to ensure their long-term sustainability and success. 

Our Supplier Standards 

Our relationships with our suppliers are founded on mutual respect and trust, and are always run according to ethical business practices to which we both comply. Our suppliers expect us to operate according to the highest international standards – standards that prioritise safety and health, that protect human rights and that preserve the environment. We, in turn, we expect the same of our suppliers.

These standards are set out in our Supplier Standards, which apply to all of our suppliers and which are incorporated into our supplier contracts in South Africa.

We conduct due diligence exercises with all our current and potential suppliers to understand their business practices using a risk-based approach. If we identify unacceptable risks, we agree to a set of corrective actions that are then implemented. If necessary, we also support our suppliers so that they can comply and adhere with our Supplier Standards. This not only helps them work with Glencore, but with other businesses too.

We are committed to operating transparently. If there appears to be a breach of our Code of Conduct or our Supplier Standards, our employees, contractors and suppliers are encouraged to speak to a supervisor or manager, or a local procurement contact. Concerns can also be raised through our Raising Concerns web platform.


Responsible Sourcing Policy


Supplier Code of Conduct