A responsible operator


In South Africa, we want to ensure that the communities and environment surrounding our operations are healthy, resilient and prosperous long after our work has ended. This is not only an ethical imperative for our business, it is also critical to South Africa’s long-term growth and success. It is the very definition of operating sustainably, which so heavily influences the way we work.

Our approach to sustainability is founded on our commitment to caring for the well-being of our people and planet. We deliver on this promise by contributing to employment, infrastructure development, training and education, and other initiatives that offer long-lasting social, economic and environmental benefits. These are particularly valuable in South Africa, where corporate support through partnerships is essential. 

We measure our progress every step of the way, celebrating the milestones we achieve and acknowledging when there is more work to do. At every turn, we are open, objective and transparent in our work. 

For further information relating to Glencore’s approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, please view our ESG A to Z

The four pillars


Our sustainability strategy is underpinned by four pillars:


Become an industry leader in safety, eliminating injuries and fatalities.


Improve the health and well-being of our employees and the communities near our operations.


Minimise our impact on the environment wherever we operate.

Community and human rights

Uphold human rights and support the long-term development of local communities.

Our Planet


Our operations have an inevitable impact on the environment. To minimise this impact as best we can, we comply with the environmental management plans that have been approved by government to manage ground and surface water, air quality, and biodiversity. 

Both our Coal and Ferroalloys operations limit their water intake from freshwater sources, and optimise the ways that they use and recycle water. Our Coal division has built a water treatment plant that treats contaminated water and supplies potable water to nearby communities. 

In line with South African legal requirements, we manage the quality of air around our operations every day, and have specific roles for air quality control and monitoring. We also preserve South Africa’s rich biodiversity through our rehabilitation activities, which involve reintroducing indigenous grassland species and eradicating invasive species. We continually strive to protect threatened and endangered plants and animals near our operations.


Sustainability Report - 2020

Sustainability Report - 2020

Sustainability summary - 2020

Sustainability summary - 2020