Human Rights Day 2021: Reducing inequality and advancing human rights

posted: 10/12/2021

For Human Rights Day 2021, the United Nations focuses on equality – more specifically, how to reduce existing inequality and help advance human rights. At Glencore, we have a number of programmes that work towards this aim, initiatives that span from advancing education and connectivity in remote areas of South Africa to supporting female entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan. One such programme is the Stope School at Raglan Mine, which is a training programme for Inuit people with no previous mining experience that allows them to become skilled underground miners.

Julie Leah Nutara is one of those individuals, who decided to apply for the programme and came to work at Raglan Mine at the age of eighteen. Originally from Inukjuak, a small village in Hudson Bay, Canada, Julie took a big step moving away from home to join the team at Raglan. In this film, we hear how Julie felt about coming to work at the mine and how despite her initial fears, she has truly found her place and worked her way up to operating trucks and scoops along with her peers.

Since its inception, the Stope School programme has successfully attracted and retained a large number of Inuit employees in the region and helped provide them with gainful employment opportunities. 

For more information about the programme, see here.

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