Training and awareness

Ethics and Compliance

Training on and awareness of our compliance policies and procedures, as well as strong leadership, are critical components of our Ethics and Compliance programme. They ensure our employees and contractors understand the behaviour expected of them and provide guidance on how they can identify and practically approach ethics and compliance dilemmas in their daily work.    

Our new joiners receive new employee compliance training and ongoing training on a range of compliance issues. For those employees and contractors who do not have regular access to a work computer, we provide training in other ways, including induction sessions, pre-shift training and toolbox talks. In addition, Compliance conducts face-to-face training to raise awareness about compliance risks related to their roles and functions and to educate them on expected behaviours. 

We tailor our training and awareness materials and make them relevant by including hypothetical scenarios illustrating how ethics and compliance dilemmas might manifest themselves in daily work activities. 

We also train and develop our own compliance personnel to increase their understanding of key compliance risks and important developments.

Raising awareness - Ethics and Compliance Days

Our Ethics and Compliance Days, which emphasise how we all - leaders in particular - play a critical role in promoting and ensuring a culture of ethics and compliance.