Our business model and strategy

Our business model

As a global producer and marketer of commodities, we are uniquely diversified by geography, products and activities. Integrating our marketing and industrial business sets us apart from our competitors to create a unique culture and helps us generate value.

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Our strategy

Reflecting our Purpose  to responsibly source the commodities that advance everyday life, our ongoing responsibility is to not only deliver financial performance but also make a positive contribution to society and create lasting benefits for stakeholders in a manner that is responsible, transparent and respectful to the rights of all.

Our strategic objective is to sustainably grow total shareholder return while maintaining a strong investment grade rating and acting as a responsible operator.

We achieve this via the following strategic priorities:

Integration of sustainability throughout our business
Maintain a robust and flexible balance sheet
Focus on cost control and operational efficiencies

To learn more about our business model and strategy, visit our Annual Report