Ethics and Compliance programme

Ethics and Compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance programme

Our Ethics and Compliance programme encompasses risk assessments, policies and procedures, training and awareness, monitoring, speaking openly and investigations. We work with experts to ensure our programme aligns with international best practice, taking guidance from relevant authorities. All employees, directors and officers (as well as contractors, where applicable) must comply with our relevant policies and procedures, and the law. When we enter into joint ventures where we are not the operator, we encourage our partners to adopt similar policies and procedures to ours.  

Our leaders are responsible for creating a culture where ethical behaviour is encouraged. Integrity is one of our Values  meaning that across the business, we have the courage to do what’s right, even when it’s hard.

Listen to Shaun Teichner, General Counsel, talk about why ethics and compliance matters at Glencore

Running this global programme effectively would not be possible without skilled compliance professionals. Full-time, skilled Compliance Officers in our Corporate Compliance team set the programme and provide us with dedicated compliance support. Our Regional Compliance Officers implement the programme in specific geographical jurisdictions. They also provide guidance to the business and to their Compliance Coordinators at our offices and industrial assets globally. Our Compliance Coordinators support employees needing advice on ethical and lawful behaviour, or policy implementation.