World Whistleblowers Day

Protecting Whistleblowers across our business

posted: 23/06/2022

Today, we celebrate World Whistleblowers Day. It is a day to acknowledge the value of those people who speak openly about matters they see or suspect amount to misconduct.

At Glencore, we understand the importance of having a culture in which our people feel comfortable raising concerns knowing they will be properly addressed or investigated, and knowing appropriate action will be taken.
Our Code of Conduct and policies require employees and contractors to speak openly and raise concerns about possible breaches of the Code, policies or the law. Concerns brought to our attention by whistleblowers help us identify where things are going wrong or where people are not conducting themselves in accordance with our Values. Protecting whistleblowers and encouraging the raising of concerns is critical to supporting an open culture and encouraging our Values of integrity and openness, which makes Glencore a better and stronger business.
See here for more information and read our Whistleblowing Policy.