Closing the loop for OEMs and battery manufacturers

posted: 05/07/2022

As the world’s population increases and economies continue to develop, closing resource cycles is an important factor for sustainable development on a global level. Seeing post-consumer materials as a resource that can be recycled and recirculated, rather than waste, will be an important component in meeting the demand for metals and minerals required for the energy transition.
With over 75 years of experience, Glencore is one of the world’s leading recyclers of end-of-life electronics. And we are one of the companies at the forefront of leading the charge to recycle electric vehicle batteries to close the loop for OEMs and battery manufacturers together with our strategic partners in North America and Europe.

Our bold aim is to help support the creation of a genuinely circular economy that supplies recycled materials and minerals back into the battery supply chain. Combining a primary source of battery raw materials with a recycled source allows us to supply the right components as the battery chemistry keeps evolving. That means we can meet the expectations of OEMs and battery manufacturers when it comes to guaranteeing origin and minimum recycled content while reducing supply chain disruptions. 

Kunal Sinha - Head of Recycling at Glencore

Our partnership with Li-Cycle delivers on this vision by combining primary and recycled battery raw materials to produce battery grade end products. This will enable auto manufacturers to meet their EV ambitions while also being able to meet key regulatory directives related to battery raw materials. 
Watch the video to hear Kunal Sinha, Head of Recycling at Glencore and Ajay Kochhar, Co-Founder and CEO at Li-Cycle dis discuss the benefits this partnership brings for the industry.

Read the partnership press release here