Glencore women take their place on the Women in Mining 100

posted: 19/11/2020

Congratulations to Glencore’s Amélie Rouleau and Marie-Chantal Kaninda who have been named among 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining, by Women in Mining UK, a volunteer non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the employment, retention and advancement of women in the mining sector.

Published every other year, Women in Mining’s list which is known as the WIM100, celebrates the contributions of women to the global mining industry, across all roles, levels of seniority and geographies. The group says that through its list it aims to “highlight the incredible diversity of talent in mining” and that it believes “the recognition and celebration of these inspirational women and their stories are integral to changing attitudes in the sector.” Glencore is a Foundation Partner of Women in Mining.

Amélie Rouleau

Marie-Chantal Kaninda

Amélie Rouleau

Amélie joined Canada’s Raglan Mine in 2008, creating its first Risk Management Program for the mine, and working in a number of roles before eventually becoming Director Public Affairs, Communications and Community Engagement.

She is the first female member of the Mine’s Senior Leadership Team. Her portfolio includes communications with its approximately 1,200 employees, external communications, governance and relations with Inuit stakeholders, as well as governments.  She has made great efforts to ensure that our Inuit community partners recognise that they have a voice when it comes to improving our operational, environmental and social practices together.

Under Amélie’s leadership, a best-in-class continuous improvement framework has been put in place for ensuring Raglan Mine’s social license to operate.

You can learn more about Amélie in a short film about Raglan Mine here.

Marie-Chantal Kaninda

With 20 years’ experience of the mining industry, Marie-Chantal joined Glencore DRC in 2019 as Executive Director, Head of Corporate Affairs. Previously, she was Executive Director at the World Diamond Council.

As part of her role she ensures proactive engagement with stakeholders, working with them to strengthen and protect Glencore’s reputation in the DRC, minimizing risks around community relations. 

In addition to this and her internal and external communication responsibilities, Marie-Chantal has been heavily involved in the establishment of our partnership with the Fair Cobalt Alliance. The Alliance aims to grow the supply and availability of responsibly mined cobalt from artisanal and small-scale operations in the DRC, as well as contribute to the sustainable development of surrounding communities.

The WIM100 list 


You can read more here about what it takes to make it onto the WIM100 list.