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Saint Lucia

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Los Angeles & Long Beach


Barging $1.35/NET BBL OR $10,000, whichever is greater.
Wharfage LA $0.165/BBL LB $0.28/BBL at berth and $0.28/BBL at anchor
Boom (Load) $750.00
Boom (Discharge) $950.00
Anchorage $650.00 for all deliveries at anchorage
California Oil Spill Tax $0.085/BBL
Federal Oil Spill Tax $0.09/NET BBL
California Sales Tax Los Angeles 9.5% and Long Beach 10.25%
Demurrage $700.00/HR when applicable
Holiday Charge $325.00/HR (8 HR MIN.) for barge loading or discharge on a holiday. Please verify holiday schedule with the local office.
Standby Tug Fee $750.00/HR when applicable


Barge Charges  1MTS - 500MTS US$8,500.00. Thereafter every additional metric ton US$3.60.

Additional Charges

Pipeline Fee US$0.50/GROSS BBL min US$ 750
Pollution Tax US$0.05/GROSS BBL
Overtime, Weekends & Holidays US$250.00/HR
Demurrage US$250.00/HR (For vessels that receive under 200MTS/HR after the allowable pump time plus 2 HR free time).
Barge fuel surcharge Effective for all Glencore LTD.barge deliveries, June 15TH, 2011 or later, a US$750.00 (per delivery) fuel surcharge will apply.
Manzanillo Bunker Tarrif US$685.00 for vessels requesting bunkers alongside cargo operations at Manzanillo cargo terminal, Cristobal, as per Panama Canal authority. (effective March 15, 2015).
CCT Bunker Fee US$550.00 per vessel in concept of bunkering fee for berthing the vessel in colon container terminal (CCT) concession area. (effective April 1, 2014).


Houston area


Bunkering Locations Per MT Rate Barging Min
Houston Harbor $8.80 $9,515.00
Barbours Cut $10.35 $11,160.00
Bayport $11.55 $12,490.00
Galveston / Texas City $13.25 $14,330.00
Bolivar Roads (Weather Permitting) $17.95 $19,375.00
Freeport $19.55 $21,120.00
Port Arthur $20.85 $22,500.00
Port Neches $21.35 $23,055.00
Orange / Beaumont $21.70 $23,450.00
Lake Charles $23.75 $25,630.00
Fuel Surchage 24%


Demurrage : $415.00/HR for tow.
Pumping :  151 MTPH + 2 Hours
Pumpback : $415.00/HR - minimum $3,030.00.
Gulf of Mexico

Off-Shore Supply Tariffs

All Prices on Delivered basis.

Delivery Locations - Please inquire for deviations from our standard delivery locations.


Offshore Galveston 28-40 N 094-40 W
South Sabine Point 28-40 N 093-30 W
Off South West Pass 28-23 N 090-36 W
Offshore Loop 28-47 N 090-00 W
New York

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0001 - 0565 Metric Tons $8,380.62 Flat 
0566 - 0625 Metric Tons $14.80 per M.T.
0626 - 1,025 Metric Tons $9,310.40 Flat
1,026 -1,632 Metric Tons $9.09 per M.T.
1,633 -2,300 Metric Tons $14,832.12 Flat
2,301 -2,493 Metric Tons $6.45 per M.T. 
2,494 - 3,400 Metric Tons $16,090.80 Flat
OVER 3,400 Metric Tons $4.74 per M.T. 
Boom (Load) $410.00
Allowed Laytime (Delivery) 150 MT/HR 4HR minimum 18HR maximum 
Allowed Laytime (Loading) 375 MT/HR 4HR minimum NO maximum 
Demurrage (Tug) $450.00/HR
Demurrage (Barge) $450.00/HR


All deliveries with a two (2) port load or discharge will include an additional $2,500.00 shifting charge.
Tug standby charge $450.00/hr.


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