The pillars of our sustainability strategy

Become an industry leader in safety, eliminating injuries and fatalities


Minimise our impact on the environment, wherever we operate


Improve the health and well-being of our employees and the communities near our operations


Uphold human rights and support the long-term development of local communities

Sustainability Report - 2019

Sustainability Report - 2019

Sustainability Report Highlights - 2019

Sustainability Report Highlights - 2019

Ethics and compliance

We are committed to maintaining a culture of ethics and compliance throughout Glencore

2019 Human Rights Report

Our progress on respecting and embedding human rights wherever we operate

Latest sustainability reports

Explore them here

Our approach to sustainability

Explore what underpins our sustainability strategy

Responsible Sourcing and Supply

How we provide safe and quality-assured products, across the whole supply chain

Catastrophic hazard management

How we're managing catastrophic hazards and their risks

Our people

How we're working to work to treat our people fairly and uphold their rights

Climate change

Our approach to climate change